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Intro To Swimming

Our Intro To Swimming class is the perfect way to build your dog’s confidence in and around water and create pool safety. These classes will work on your dogs fitness and will assist them should your dog need any hydrotherapy treatment in the future. Our Intro To Swimming class consists of 5 weeks in which we use positive reinforcement training methods to ensure a happy confident swimmer. 


The Intro To Swimming class is suitable for all social dogs. The age and breed of the dog doesn't matter as we work on the pace of the dog. Younger dogs might do a bit less swimming, but the introduction to the pool and water will be the same. This is really a fun filled class suitable for everyone. 


Lessons will incorporate exercises such as:

• Water and pool confidence 

• Proper swimming style 

• Calmness in water

• Where to exit the pool

• Fitness

• and lots of fun! 


Classes take place on Saturday afternoons.

For more information or to enrol please contact us at:


079 272 4595


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