Dog Training

A loving, professional dog training school



Puppy School

Classes for all puppies 8 - 16 weeks


Elementary School

Classes for all dogs 4 months and older that missed out on Puppy School


Intro To Agility

Intro To Agility is for all dogs that have completed Foundation Obedience or have passed an assessment with our agility trainer.


Ongoing Agility

Ongoing Agility is for all dogs that have completed our Intro To Agility classes or have passed an assessment with our agility trainer


Foundation Obedience

Obedience classes for all dogs that have completed Puppy or Elementary School.


Beyond The Basics

Exciting new class for dogs that have done the Foundation Obedience classes


Flyball Class

Flyball is for dogs that are active, loves playing ball and for owners who want to do something fun and different with their dog


Private Training

Private training for owners with schedule conflicts or dogs that can't cope in a class environment

I have experienced a few dog schools through the years. At Furrytails they have many years of training experience, different specialties like Puppy training, Agility training, Flyball, etc. And they care that you and your dog are actually learning and not just attending.

Aramis's Owner

An excellent choice of puppy training school. Classes were organized, professional and helpful. Trainer instructed as a group but was also helping each of us individually. Was a great experience and will definitely be signing up for further obedience courses.

Luna’s Owner

They are really awesome. The classes are fun and easy because they make it easy. We gained so much knowledge and even after only one week, we could see a difference in our pups. I can really recommend them!!

Roxy & Odi’s Owner


Office Hours

Mondays - Fridays: 9am - 4pm
Saturdays & Sundays: Closed

Training Days

Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays