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Intro To Agility

Our Intro To Agility class builds the foundations every dog needs to become a future agility star.

From forward drive and obstacle focus all the way to tunnel introductions and crosses. This class will help you and your dog start your agility journey on a fun note. Our Intro To Agility class consists of 8 weeks in which we use positive reinforcement training methods to ensure a strong lifelong bond. 


The Intro to Agility class is suited for all dogs older than 6 months that have completed our Foundation Obedience course and that can work off lead. With hard work Agility can be a fun activity that can strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Whether you want to be competitive or just do classes as a hobby Agility is a fun activity that can suit any breed.


Lessons will incorporate exercises such as:

• Jump Commitment 

• Forward Drive 

• Handler Focus 

• Foundations of Crosses

• Understanding Course Walking

• Tunnel Commitment 


Classes take place on Saturday afternoons.

For more information or to enrol please contact us at:


079 272 4595


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