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Flyball Training

In our Flyball class we focus on all the advanced skills necessary to make your dog competition ready! 

These classes are a great way to stimulate your dog and have loads of fun - all while building a

strong relationship. Our Intro To Flyball class consists of 8 weeks in which we use positive reinforcement training methods to ensure a strong lifelong bond. Flyball is a very exciting team sport and it’s all about the journey together while learning some very cool new tricks.


The Into to Flyball class is suited for any dog older than 6 months that can cope with other dogs close by and to any owner who is dedicated to their training. Flyball is a team sport and requires a lot of training as a team and competitions over weekends. It is critical to attend as many training sessions as possible as well as have weekends available.

The lessons will incorporate exercises such as:

• Starting The Perfect Swimmers Turn

• Fast and Reliable Recalls

• Foundation Games

• Focus Among Other Dogs

• Foundation Fitness Exercises

• Determining Dominant Side


Classes take place on Tuesday evenings.

For more information or to enrol please contact us at:


079 272 4595


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